5 Signs you are an awful boss
Feb 1st, 2022

5 Signs you are an awful boss

‘People don’t quit jobs, they quit managers.’ Thousands of employees revealed that poor leadership was reason enough for them to quit a job. What’s more, mental health and productivity deteriorate significantly as a result of a poor manager. 

Are you or do you have a bad manager?

Knowing how to pin point the indicators of an ill-suited manager is necessary so as to prevent a major disaster.  

What are some of the signs of an awful boss?

Doesn’t acknowledge employee feedback.

Communication is key to the success of any organization. Every type of communication, top-down or vice versa and horizontal (among peers). A good manager listens to their employees. Provide an avenue through which employees can give opinions or suggestions. Look into those suggestions and put them into consideration. This will foster a positive culture of sense of belonging in the team. They will feel like part of the decision makers at the workplace. 

Publicly criticizing employees.

Learn to criticize in private and celebrate your employees in public. Criticizing them in public can demoralize them. It can also make them feel disrespected. Offer your constructive criticism in private. Make your employees to feel valued and respected.

Constantly micromanaging.

Micro-managing creates the impression that you don’t trust your employees to do the job you hired them to do. It limits their creativity as your shadow is always lurking behind them. Have faith in your employees’ abilities. Allow them to handle projects without constant interference or checking in on them. This will enable them to own the process and do it to their level best.

 Poor task delegation.

One important aspect a manager needs to grasp is how to delegate duties effectively. A manager needs to know all the capabilities of his/her subordinates. This will help them with allocating tasks. Also, they need to be fair in their delegation such that certain employees are not overloaded with work.

Not respecting time off.

Employees struggle to make it to work on time. They go to lunch and come back at the specified time. They also leave the office at the set time. They respect their work hours, right? So how about you extend the same respect during their time off? Managers should avoid contacting employees past work hours with work-related issues. Work-life balance is important for all employees.

This is not a conclusive list, we could go on and on. What are some of the signs of an awful boss that you can state? Let us know in the comments.

The type of boss you are will greatly impact your employee retention ability. If you want your employees to be loyal to you, you need to treat them right. Get our payroll & HR Software that will help you better manage your team. 


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