How to Share Your Corporate Values With Employees
Mar 17th, 2022

How to Share Your Corporate Values With Employees

Company values refer to an organization’s overall appeal, approach, or attitude to its bigger mission and vision.  These values form one of the most vital parts of an organization's culture.

It is good practice to introduce new employees to your company culture. However, word of mouth is hardly impactful, the company needs to exemplify these values in its workplace interactions. 

How can you best communicate these corporate values to new hires? Below are our top 5 picks on the most suitable way to do so.

  1. Package the values in an Engaging Format

Do not do the cliché one-page mission and vision format. That is a stale and boring approach. Display them in more interactive formats such as videos or carousels. It could be a video of someone explaining them or slides with graphics.

  1. Fully Incorporate The Values In Your Brand

Include these values in all your messaging, advertisements, social media posts, and your organization’s website. Also, communicate these values while interviewing candidates and during the onboarding process. Make sure that these core values are deeply ingrained in the organizational culture that new employees encounter each day at the workplace.

  1. Tie Each Value To The Job Description

These doctrines are the essence of your company and should trickle effortlessly into recruitment conversations. This can start by linking and reviewing each value with aspects from the job description. This incalculates a feeling of good faith across your company.

  1. Leverage Virtual Engagement

Reconfigure your core values into an easily digestible format. Put systems in place to track how far the new hire is at accessing this online consumable content. It reduces the backlog in imprinting your values into them. You can have a test to gauge their understanding of the values.

  1. Show The Values In Action

Humanizing the organization to newly-hired employees is key. People need to feel connected, even amidst physical distancing practices. Use technology to create videos that share interesting bits about the current workforce. Show the values in action through the lens of the people who actually make them come to life, each and every day.

How else can you effectively share your corporate values with employees? Comment down below.

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