Key Human Resource Tips for your Organisation
Oct 8th, 2021

Key Human Resource Tips for your Organisation

Human resources (HR) departments are the fabric that hold any business together; it is its lifeline. A company is only as strong as its HR department. Their prosperity will trickle down to create a streamlined and organized process, helping the business long-term. The HR department can either build or break an organization.  It is therefore important to get it right. HR departments deal with a number of things such as talent acquisition, payroll management, employee management, training and succession planning. Here are a few key tips to help your HR department.


Like any other thing in life, success in human resource calls for a strategic plan. Your strategy should be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound. A powerful, realistic HR strategy is one of the crucial pillars of your business. A logical strategy is essential to the profitability of any organization. It gives direction and allows the company to expand in different seasons. Your HR strategy ought to be adaptable, flexible, and well prepared. Implementing your business strategy correctly is essential to building a solid framework from which to plan your long-term goals.

  1. Onboarding Documents for staff

You should have an employee onboarding document. It doesn’t have to be a physical copy, a digital one would do. It should cover the major part of your business. It should clearly lay out procedures for onboarding a new employee, company disciplinary and complaint procedures.

Additionally, you should have an employee handbook. It offers legal protection. The handbook is where your company stipulates policies that employees need to abide by. Those policies should be clearly explained. The handbook can also include: employee benefits, sick leave and holidays, unpaid absences, hours of work, the probationary period and the company dress code.

These onboarding documents should be clear and precise and updated regularly in case of any change in company policy or procedures.

  1. Don’t fast-track your recruitment process

Have a through standardized recruiting process. Talent acquisition is very important to your organization, so it needs to be done critically. You want to be thorough in order to get the best candidate; one who has potential for growth. Start by creating a high quality job description that calls to attention the main skills and competencies required for the position to help you pick the perfect candidates. During the interviewing stage, pair up with a colleague to get more feedback and run follow up interviews if need be.

  1. Use new technology

COVID 19 accelerated digital transformation the world over. This digital transformation and the new mode of remote work or working from home rendered some positions obsolete. Therefore, most professions or departments needed to either leverage technology or get rendered redundant. At Megashift Technologies Ltd, we are a futuristic tech company. That is why we developed Crew HR & Payroll Cloud Software for HR professionals. Crew HR helps you manage payroll, employee management, leave management, appraisals and track employee working hours from wherever you are. It is a cheap and reliable pay as you go cost model. Crew HR & Payroll Cloud Software has the ability to completely transform the way your HR department works. It is an innovation that caters to the needs of the future of work. Integrate your existing systems with Crew HR & Payroll Cloud Software and watch how quick and seamless things will go in your HR department.

  1. Maintain open communication

Your HR department will suffocate without communication. The HR is the bridge between the employees and the management of an organization. This requires a free and transparent flow of information from both of these parties to the HR and vice versa. Good communication skills are vital to have in HR management.

  1. Be tactful and ethical

Human Resources can be a bit of a balancing act. One seasoned HR dropped some nuggets of our wisdom about this, in our first episode of our program dabbed Human Touch. PS, watch out for this program that will be running on our YouTube channel and other social media platforms every Tuesday. In his own words, George Wasike, who has been in the field of HR for 17 years said that it is like standing on a knife. You need to strike a balance between meeting the employees concerns and enforcing the management’s vision for the company. HR Mangers are required to listen to grievances of employees but are also obligated to enforce company policy. HR professionals need to learn how and when to use their mind and heart. When employees are slacking, boundaries need to be set firmly. The employees also need to know and feel that their opinions are taken seriously and appreciated. Create a humane relationship with the employees.

HR management is demanding, it requires tactfulness. These tips will help bring you success in this very important business role. Share some of your HR tips with us in the comment section.


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