More than Luck – How to Land Your First Job Interview
Apr 7th, 2022

More than Luck – How to Land Your First Job Interview

“Luck is a dividend of sweat. The more you sweat, the luckier you get.” - Ray Kroc

We all dream of our first job. We hardly think of the challenges that might come in the way of getting that first job though. The news that it is harder than ever to secure employment in the current economy is nothing but the brutal truth. You need to be smart enough to have an edge over your peers. So, aside from having a good score, how do you land your first job interview? 

  1. Tailor Your Resume To Fit The Job Description

Ensure you have an updated resume with you all the time. If unsure of your expertise in curating the perfect CV, contact a career coach to do it for you at a fee. A resume helps to showcase your skills and talents. Highlight your qualifications, strengths, skills, and achievements. Be confident about your abilities and skills. Clear objectives are an important thing to be noted in your resume. It also gives the first impression of your interest in the job you've applied for. Tailor your resume to show why you are the best candidate for that job. Link your skills and qualifications to the advertised jobs. Build a captivating CV. Have it in both hard copy and soft copy.

  1. Research is your best friend

Do adequate research on the organization and also on the advertised job. Get yourself in the know-how on matters company background details, achievements, successful projects, and more. Having this knowledge will set you apart as a focused and goal-oriented candidate. This will enable you to have more touchpoints to discuss when they ask about their business. It will show your level of interest and commitment to their organization. This guarantees you more confidence to face the interviewing panel.

  1. Present your skills

Remember an interview is just you trying to sell yourself, so do it to your level best. When allowed to introduce yourself, make sure your skills stick out like a sore thumb. Give an invigorating, well-put-together introduction. Answer the interviewer's questions precisely. When accorded the chance to ask questions, do not hesitate. Ask thoughtful questions about your career growth or the company’s goals and objectives. Research some relevant questions that can represent you as enthusiastic and passionate as possible.

  1. Do a mock interview

Remember practicing your speech in front of the mirror or with your friends before the competition in your school days? Do the same right now! Ask a friend to conduct a mock interview by asking him/her to ask some questions related to the company and also about the profile. Repeat this until you feel you have the right answers to say and find yourself more confident. This practice helps you ease the tension and make you feel more confident & relaxed.

  1. Act Fast 

Thousands of people are competing for that same position as you. So the faster you act the higher your chances of getting employed. Some jobs recruit on a rolling basis, but most operate on a first-come-first-served basis. Craft a nice application and submit it before the deadline.   Submit your application in time.

  1. Build a LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is the world’s biggest professional platform. A lot of recruiters post jobs on LinkedIn. Build your LinkedIn profile and set job alerts for the kinds of jobs you are interested in. Each time a job is posted, your job alert will send you a notification and you can apply for it. Leverage LinkedIn to build a professional presence online and connect with experts in your industry.

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