Jan 20th, 2022


It’s way past mid-January. You probably already set out your new year’s resolutions. I’m sure your list, just like many of ours, didn’t miss the ‘Save more money’ line. Don’t we all desperately wish the spirit of saving could find and attack us?

Today however I want to police your life a little bit. Pardon me. It is high time you made specific New Year’s resolution in respect to your line of work. Your career growth is important. The decisions you make will determine at what pace you will grow in your work.

I came up with a checklist for all of us in this Human Resource field. Truth be told, it’s been close to two years of working in the midst of a pandemic. The field of HR has been immensely impacted by the shift in work culture.

So what are some of the New Year’s career resolutions every HR must make?

Prioritize Work-life balance

It has been an uphill task to get the gist of working in a pandemic reality. Remote work had some of us checking work emails at very odd hours. Or handling work-related mishaps during the weekend when we were supposed to be taking time off. Working from home significantly blurred the lines between the work day and home life. In 2022, however, having gotten a hang of remote work, this needs to change. Make a resolution to block out the workday and home life from coinciding. Delegate specific hours and places to working while at home. Your personal life is important for your mental well-being. Or should I reiterate that common saying, all work with no play makes Jack a dull boy. Trust me, you don’t want to be Jack.

Focus on employee well-being

In this new era of hybrid work, employee well-being is paramount. The pandemic took a toll on all of us. We are all recovering from it. Provide access to mental health services for your employees. Offer mental health breaks to your workforce. Also recognize and normalize mental wellness at the workplace. Eliminate the stigma attached to it.

Be more responsive to job seekers

When a job is advertised, several people will apply; not all will be chosen. Now, we all started as job seekers one day. So you understand the frustration of waiting for a reply but being served dead, cold silence. Cultivate a culture of informing applicants who didn’t meet the cut, just like you inform those who made it.

Create time to re-energize

Even a house plant needs the sun occasionally. You can’t pour from an empty cup. Dealing with people requires energy. So take a day or two for self-relaxation and recreation. Recharge your peopling skills and get back to work. See how that works for you!

Champion for open discussion

Create a free environment for your employees. Where they can speak their minds without fear of judgement. Allow them to be their truest selves. This will boost their productivity and collaboration performance in the long run.



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