Reasons People Aren’t Taking You Seriously as a Leader
Mar 24th, 2022

Reasons People Aren’t Taking You Seriously as a Leader

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way – John C Maxwell. Great leaders don’t tell you what to do. They show you how it’s done.

Being a leader isn't a bed of roses; if it were, everybody would be one. The truth of managing and being responsible for a team of employees is not easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Do you feel as though your equals and subordinates don’t take you seriously in your leadership role?

Here are some reasons for that:

You don’t keep time

Chronic lateness is a bad habit for anyone, but unacceptable for a leader. It points to poor planning and lack of respect for other people’s time. As a leader, try your level best to keep time. Sure enough, being late once or twice can be excused, but not every other day.

You don’t keep your word and commitments

As a leader, let your words and actions marry. Also, never overcommit to a cause you know you can’t deliver. Your word and actions are everything. Once your surbodinates notice you preach water and drink wine; respect goes down the drain. Learn to be firm, stick by your word and deliver on your promises. If you don’t intend on fulfilling, do not let a commitment leave your mouth. . If you don’t follow through, people begin to doubt your commitment to them, to the project, to your ethics.

You lack confidence

Lack of confidence can not be hidden. It will show in everything that you do or say. Human beings are a witty lot and they will definitely capitalize on this. They will disrespect you knowing well that you lack confidence so you won’t confront them about it. Confidence; just like a muscle can be built. But first of all, take ownership of the role. Know that you deserve it and have what it takes to thrive.

You lack boundaries

You may be a leader over those that you were once a peer with, which creates some new questions. It might be hard to navigate through work in such a circumstance. Things may or may not change depending on the company. Set up boundaries for how you should be addressed. Recognize where being friends outside of work may cause bias towards other employees.

In leadership little things make the most difference. Do not let the small details slip through your fingers. These will undermine your effectiveness. You are on a pedestal and everyone is paying attention even to the minute details.

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