Things every CEO should do to support their HR
Mar 21st, 2022

Things every CEO should do to support their HR

A recent survey found out that one in five HR professionals do not feel that their job is appreciated in their company.

The main reason is that HR has been relegated as compared to other departments such as sales. The notion is that the HR department is not profit-generating and is therefore not as important. The truth of the matter however is that human resources are the fabric that holds an organization together. It looks for and recruits top talent to generate revenue for the organization. It saves the organization money and time by getting the perfect fit employees who can deliver exceptionally. HR manages, develops, and retains this talent for the company. It also mitigates crisis at the workplace among other functions.

What are some of the ways CEOs can support HR?

View Them As A Partner In Decision Making Rather Than A Barrier

Most CEOs underestimate the value hr brings to the organization. HR can curate the organization’s company culture to value both reward and risk leading to a positive workplace attitude. The turnover from this will be a more motivated workforce and an increase in revenue. The worst mindset a CEO can have is believing they’re more knowledgeable than HR. HR knows all your employees individually, their strengths and weaknesses. HR also knows all the labor laws concerning employment which most CEOs only have a bleak knowledge of. HR should hence be treated as a strategic advisor and partner rather than a barrier. HR has both the company’s and employees’ interests at heart.

Champion for direct Communication

Organizations today are expected to adapt and stay ahead of their competition. Employees’ expectations are always changing, just like the customers. Statutory requirements, laws, and policies also change in the long run.  


To ensure that the organization adapts quickly, CEOs should put in place a direct line in HR communication. Your company needs to stay compliant with every change that comes. Therefore HR needs to be able to reach you as the CEO in real-time and implement the changes as fast as possible. The CEO and HR communication should be direct, without the need for any third party or authority.


Promote Digitalization of the Company

Digitalization is something that we must all embrace because of the efficiency it brings. There has been a lot of enhancement in the HR technology space over the years. Implementing new technologies to optimize and improve the processes would not only help with improving the employee experience but also help in making the overall process efficient and minimizing errors. Such technology would also help in scaling the processes easily as per the company’s growth.


Now, your HR team does not have to deal with large volumes of files and paper. There are affordable payroll and HR solutions in the market today. One of these is our Crew HR& Payroll software.  You can talk to us on 0714004596 to book a demo today.

What other way do you think CEOs can support their HR departments? Comment down below.

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