Tips for minimizing Workplace Negativity
Nov 25th, 2021

Tips for minimizing Workplace Negativity

It’s not all roses at the workplace. Negativity can result in a toxic work environment for all employees leading to reduced productivity.

What is workplace negativity?

Negativity refers to an expression of criticism or pessimism about a situation or something. Workplace negativity can be a big hindrance to the employees and the company generally. Negativity will hamper the productivity of your employees. It can drag the entire organization to the pits if it’s not dealt with early on. It fuels a lack of confidence between the subordinates and management.

Tips for minimizing workplace negativity

Team building events

Do not underrate the power of your employees bonding outside of the formal workplace. Team activities will inspire positivity and productivity. Activities out of the norm will also stimulate creativity among the team and spur collaboration. When team building is done the right way, it will result in more engaged employees, which is good for the organization culture and boosting performance.

Strategic organizational framework

Having a clearly laid out authority procedure is important for your organization. Employees need to know what chain of command to follow when raising issues or concerns. Explicitly stating the direction for every department will help cement any dysfunctional aspects in the workflow.

Open communication/express opinions

Employees ought to know that they are being listened to. They need to know that their input matters and not that of the managers or a select few only. Put in place avenues to ensure you know how your employees feel about things at the workplace. You can run surveys where you ask how they feel about the management. Or what changes they would like to see implemented in the office. Once the employees feel valued, they will be more productive.

Avoid micro-managing employees

Micromanaging is a management style where a manager closely monitors everything employees do. Managers should always validate the purpose behind projects. This will motivate the employees to deliver required output by the set deadline.  Constant check-ins with employees will make them feel you don’t trust in their capabilities. This can be a huge roadblock to their creativity. Allow your teams to work independently and in collaboration with others on their own. You will love the results.

This is not an exhaustive list. So engage us on what other ways you can minimize workplace negativity. We would love to hear and learn from you.

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