Why is a Payroll solution important in Kenya?
Feb 28th, 2022

Why is a Payroll solution important in Kenya?

What is payroll?

Payroll can be defined as the process of providing reparations to employees for the work they do on behalf of their respective companies. It is the total of all compensation an employer must pay to their employees for a set period or on a specified date.

Why payroll is a must-have for any business, whether big or small.

Payroll is a principal aspect of any business. It mirrors the financial stability of an organization and affects employee morale greatly.

Payroll solutions will hold your organization together in more than one way through:

Tax calculating and filing

As an operational and registered business in Kenya, you need to stay tax compliant. Failure to do so will attract hefty fines from the Kenya Revenue Authority. Crew HR& Payroll software helps pre-fill tax forms based on employee payroll information that is already keyed into the system.

Save time and resources

Payroll management consists of several tasks. Doing it manually will mean endless hours of filling papers, checking, and rechecking payroll forms. This is a long and tedious process. It is time-consuming and costly. Having a payroll system will cut costs and save your time as most of the payroll procedures are automated.

Employee self-service

Our payroll solution allows for employee self-service. Your employees can log in and check their previous payslips, leaves or day offs. They can also update their timesheets and apply for appraisal. Payroll just smoothens the process, making everything available at the tap of a finger and seamless. This also promotes transparency between employees and their organizations. This is because they can access their payslips and see any justified/unjustified deductions made from their payslips.

Integrated accounting

Accounting is integrated into the payroll solution. This largely decreases any chance for error, miscalculation, or misplacement of data. It is more accurate and efficient than if a person does the payroll manually.

Prevent data leakage and loss

Payroll collects all the important particulars of your employees and company. A cloud-based payroll solution like Crew Hr &Payroll ensures that your organization’s data is protected from hackers.

Direct Bank disbursement- boosts morale

By allowing for direct disbursement of payments to employees’ banks, it mitigates the risk of lost paper checks or fraud cases. It also boosts employees’ morale as their salaries are issued in a timely fashion. Delayed salaries demoralize employees.

Payroll is an essential business service that connects organizations to their employees and taxation services. It goes without saying then that payroll should be accurate. If you are considering an affordable and dependable payroll solution, then Crew HR & Payroll Software is your best bet.

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